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Our tungsten carbide burs are engineered to cut more effectively, with a greater blade contact on the tooth surface, and reduced risk of chipping or breakage. The design ensures a fast, smooth, vibration free performance; reducing patient discomfort as well as operating time.

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Prima Dental Specialist

High performance dental milling tools designed and engineered specifically for the digital dentistry sector. Prima Digital tool lasts 29% longer and cuts longer than the market leaders.

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Prima endo boasts the strongest & longest lasting continuous and reciprocating endo files in the market. Compatible with market leaders training & motors, so no further investment is required

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Predator Metal Cutting

Predator® Turbo and Predator® Accu-Prep burs are the strongest, sharpest and most durable burs available with unparalleled concentricity. They [...]

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Oral Surgery

Prima® Specialized Surgical Burs are renowned for their strength, durability and advanced design features. The collection is comprehensive covering [...]

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Orthodontics is a rapidly growing specialism within dentistry. The demand for product is being driven by both new technologies and personal cosmetics [...]

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Trimming and Finishing

The cutting edge design of Prima® Series Gold Finishing Burs deliver optimum shaping and finishing of all dental material. This range of premium [...]

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Predator Diamonds

Predator® Diamond burs are manufactured using a robust bonding technology process that dramatically improves both cutting efficiency and product [...]

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Prima Illume Polishers

Outshine the competition with Illume Polishers. Expert polishing that gives patients greater comfort and a brighter smile. Our new Illume [...]

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Prima Dental Classic

Carbide Operative

Prima® Classic Carbide Burs are designed manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability. Our tungsten carbide burs [...]

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Diamonds Operative

Prima® Classic Diamond Burs are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel shanks and natural diamond grit. Prima® Classic Diamond [...]

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Steels Operative

Prima® Dental Classic Steel burs are purpose built for general dentistry tasks, ideal for cavity preparation and dentine removal. Our steel [...]

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Operative Accessories

Prima Classic Dental Mirrors benefit from a stainless steel construction, providing greater durability than chrome (nickel) plated brass, as [...]

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