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Predator Metal Cutting

Predator® Turbo and Predator® Accu-Prep burs are the strongest, sharpest and most durable burs available with unparalleled concentricity. They are manufactured using the latest state of the art Swiss-made precision machine tools. This technology lifts the Predator® burs to the height of premium dental instruments and dentistry.

Predator Turbo

Considered the ultimate in premium cutting technology, Predator® Turbo has become a leader in its field with successful penetration into the US, European and Japanese markets.

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Predator Carbide PR-3T

Higher strength, aggressive and smooth cutting with less breakage, PR 3T is the ideal carbide for cutting through all the toughest materials.

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Predator Carbide PR-DX

Predator DX is ideally suited for separating porcelain fused to metal crowns in one step. Due to its special D type toothing the Predator DX enable quick cut of crowns and Bridges. The unique blade geometry with large chip spaces permit quick removal of debris and prevent clogging especially when cutting soft alloys with gold content.

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Predator Carbide PR-S1

Predator S1 has the power to cut smoothly through all dental materials, including enamel, metal, and crowns with reduced patient trauma. Its unique round, end-cutting head works both vertically and horizontally. This means it can be used for virtually all applications.

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Predator Accu-Prep

Accu prep carbides match the most popular diamond bur shapes used for crown preparations. Their aggressive carbides cutting blades remove enamel efficiently with minimum friction and heat build up. Unique blade angulations and teeth geometry engineered for highly efficient cutting with minimum clogging. Blades at the tip designed for smooth exact margins with minimal gingival abrasion.

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