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Predator Diamonds

Predator® Diamond burs are manufactured using a robust bonding technology process that dramatically improves both cutting efficiency and product longevity. Predator® Diamonds continually outperform the toughest materials in the market.

Predator Zirconia Diamonds

Zirconia is gaining increasing popularity as a crown restorative material because of its superior strength and excellent esthetics. Until now, cutting, trimming, or adjusting sintered Zirconia has been an unpredictable and time-consuming task. Now, Predator Zirconia provides maximum cutting efficiency and effortless access through the tough Zirconia for both endodontic treatment and crown removal.

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Predator Turbo Diamond

Predator Turbo Diamonds provide optimum cutting and cooling for rapid, smooth gross reduction. Our precision engineered profile with integral spiral groove design provides for efficient water flow, maximum cooling effect and ideal debris removal offering fast bulk reduction, and a smooth finish.

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Predator Endo Diamond

The Endo Access Bur (164) combines a round and taper shaped coarse diamond which allows access into the pulp chamber and preparation of the chamber walls, in one operation. The Safe ended tip diamond bur used to remove the pulp chamber roof without damaging the chamber floor.

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