Role Title: Setter
Department: Horizon/Gemba
Reporting to: Cell Leader

Role Purpose

To load, set and operate CNC machines bur cutting and bur forming machines, ensuring they are kept running in line with laid down production targets and the company’s overalls goals for the delivery of cost effective, high quality products and excellent customer service.

Key Objectives

  1. To ensure that all machinery in the Job Holder’s section is properly set, properly used and properly maintained. This will include undertaking preventative maintenance, and oiling/lubrication.
  2. Understand and use information from “Layout” production planning schedule to produce appropriate products and prioritise work schedules on machines. Use this information in loading and operating the machines to produce appropriate products.
  3. Understand the information contained on the Batch Control Card and be able to complete details post-production.
  4. Select and initiate appropriate machine programme and cycle time and to load machines.
  5. Produce initial “first off” component and inspect for quality and to verify machine set up.
  6. Monitor the operation and output of the machines and product quality at specified frequencies using all available inspection methods, including 10x eye glass, callipers, micrometer, shadowgraph. The ability to locate sample, overlay, and drawing is an essential part of this activity.
  7. Make alterations and adjustments to the machines (specified feeds, speeds, and depth of cut) to maintain output of good quality product.
  8. Liaise with other departments as required to maintain output volumes and quality.
  9. Carry out machine changeovers using documentation supplied (set up sheets, setting procedures and first off sheets).  This requires knowledge and use of a digital calliper
  10. Prepare wheel packs and documents in readiness for changeovers. To include removal, dressing, re-grind/re-profile and fitting new wheels if required (in accordance with Abrasive Wheel Regulations) and to maintain the wheel dressing machine and surrounding area in good condition.
  11. Perform end of order procedures and product disposition.
  12. Use bar scanner at appropriate times to record events.
  13. Edit programmes for offset purposes.
  14. Remove, clean, inspect and reset/replace collets and bushes as appropriate to produce good component.
  15. Be familiar with oil coolant system and report problems to Maintenance Maintain adequate coolant on components.
  16. To be able to clear hopper/feed on BFRPG machines.
  17. Pass on information regarding machine performance, etc. to Setter/Minders to ensure smooth shift changeovers, incoming and outgoing, with continuity and complete information.
  18. Ensure consumables and material stocks are maintained at adequate levels.
  19. To assist in the training of new and existing employees as required.
  20. To assist in other areas of the Group’s activities as needs dictate and within the Job Holder’s level of competence

General Responsibilities

  • Adhere to company health and safety and environmental procedures
  • Adhere to company quality procedures.
  • Ensure work area is clean and tidy.
  • Look after tools and equipment provided.
  • Observe company rules and regulations.
  • Participate in teams and raise ideas for improvement/development
  • Participate in the development and training of self and of others.
  • Undertake other reasonable duties or jobs within the capabilities of the individual as the needs of the business dictate.

Role Context

The job holder must be able to work methodically in order to schedule resources and activities to meet specified plans within agreed timescales.

The work involves standing and walking for the greater part of the working day.  The majority of work is light to moderate.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Good general standard of education GCSE level or equivalent is required, including Maths and English.
  • Formal training in machining skills and knowledge of machine tools and their uses, metric dimensions and tolerances e.g. Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship or equivalent practical experience in turning, fitting or grinding skills.
  • Must be able to set and operate all the various section machines, (6-Axis M&Z & 6-axis Nano 5 tool grinding centre with integrated robot loader, Bowl fed plunge grinding machine centres).
  • Must be able to set-up and carry out adjustments, including the use of shadowgraph, eye-glass, micrometer, etc.
  • The ability to control precision and visualize complex geometries to quickly adjust machine tool controls to exact positions.
  • High degree of near vision to identify and inspect for visual flaws and out of spec measurements, working within tolerances of +/- 5 microns.
  • High degree of manual dexterity to manipulate small product

Relevant Work Instructions:

The Job Holder must be well organised and able to manage their activities to maintain efficient running of a suite of 9-12 machines within a high volume, high quality, low value production environment.

The work involves standing/walking for the greater part of the working day.  The majority of work is light to moderate, and does not vary greatly from day to day.

Closing Date: 27 October 2023

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