Education and Assets for Distributors

We are proud of our incredible global network of doctors, dentists and distributors. Our products are sold in over 90 countries and used by hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide.

By speaking with our distribution partners, doctors and key opinion leaders we have kept ourselves fresh and our products ahead of the competition.

It is our responsibility to then consolidate what we learn and share it back to the industry.

April 2018 saw the launch of our new ‘themes’ of education, directed specifically at our distributors and their sales teams. Each ‘theme’ centres around a specific subject or area of dentistry. Through this communication and the assets we are sharing we can support improved sales for distributors and encourage even more dentist to use the world’s best rotary instruments on their patients.

Here is a link to the first piece of our Dental Crowns activity.

If you think this and further, more in-depth information would be useful to your team then get in touch by emailing your name, address and company to