Why become a Prima Distributor?

We can deliver double digit sales growth year on year for our partners.

This level of sales and profitability comes as a result of Prima Dental’s ability to:

  • listen to our partners,
  • understand the market,
  • identify trends and sales opportunities,
  • manufacture and develop world-class products,
  • continuously innovate and offer leading marketing support and services.

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One of a Kind

Our approach means that we have been able to carve out a niche as a white label producer in the industry. By thinking differently we help our partners to save on development costs, to attract new customers and to build successful partnerships based on a shared belief of high quality products and exemplary service.

Unparalleled Support

No one invests in supporting our partners like we do. We stand out from the competition so our partners can do the same. With our detailed industry insight - and using our comprehensive marketing approach - we help our partners to explain what makes their service, and our products, better than the rest.

Making it Happen

Our success is a result of continual investment in technology, marketing, our people and our partners. Our detailed vision continues to drive us to push further and interrogate new cutting and marketing techniques, angles or methods. We are always looking for a better way to supply the world's finest burs.

What our clients say

The Predator Turbo bur is exceptionally smooth and vibration free. It’ll cut through the toughest metal castings and amalgams with ease and precision. In my opinion, the Predator Turbo bur is the most dependable and the bur to use!



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