About us

Prima dental business card

Our brand promise derives from What We Do – Out Perform.

In every aspect of our business we’re prepared to be better than our competitors. Designing and engineering premium, precision-made dental products that deliver performance, profit and growth.

Why we do it is driven by Who We Are – we’re cut differently. We’re a dynamic, bright and curious combination of specialist engineers and progressive business managers. We’re confident in our craft, we’re at the cutting edge of our niche, driven by the belief that success comes from being different, not the same. Together we encourage ‘considered experimentation’. By researching the market and listening to the needs of our customers we will be aligned and in-synch, developing products that continue to build our reputation.
We are proud of the relationships and partnerships we have with everyone we work with.

Our purpose is the (constant) pursuit of better.
With a vision to being a World leading precision dental product brand.